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Live Video - Remove the Thomas Basket: The astronauts are installed in the capsule

Live Video – Remove the Thomas Basket: The astronauts are installed in the capsule

The crew settles in the capsule

The group gradually settles into the capsule. Departure is scheduled for 11:49 a.m. Paris time. The astronauts’ journey should last about twenty hours.

The astronauts have arrived at the launch site

Four astronauts arrive at the Cape Canaveral base firing and ascend towards the capsule.

Astronauts on the way to the launch pad

After putting on their clothes, the four astronauts leave the building they have prepared and join the launch pad at a distance of 14 km.

Before boarding the vehicles that would take them to the launch pad, the astronauts engaged in a short photo shoot and were able to say goodbye to their loved ones.

“They are confident, they are ready”: Claudie Heiner follows the band’s production directly

Claudi Heinre, the first French woman aboard the ISS from the Citte de Elspace in Toulouse, follows the SpaceX crew live four hours before departure.

Once fitted, “the astronauts are now focused on the mission, and I would even say the mission has already begun”, he underlines on BFMTV’s microphone

“It’s very emotional for those who stay on the ground. For them, it’s a stage they have repeatedly said. They are confident, they are ready, we look forward to all the stages to put it into orbit,” she adds.

Four astronauts wear their suits

Just hours before departure, four astronauts, Thomas Baskett, Shane Kimbero, Megan McArthur and Akihiko Hosheid, put on their suits, backed by SpaceX crew.

Why SpaceX astronauts dress like Hollywood superheroes

SpaceX astronauts were designed by Jose Fernandez, a famous Hollywood costume designer who is best known for his work in movies. Batman v Superman, Fantastic four, Avengers Or X Men2.

According to Jose Fernandez, Elon Musk wanted the dress to look like a “space tuxedo”: “Anyone is the best in a tuxedo, whatever their size or shape,” the businessman told him, “His goal is for astronauts, not like a tuxedo.” Be beautiful with the decor ”.

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What is the release plan?

Thomas is scheduled to leave for Basket at 11:49 p.m. But before that, you have to be prepared: you can enjoy all the highlights on PFMTV starting at the moment the astronauts are scheduled for 7.49am in their suits. The team will then leave and return to the country where the shootings took place at 8:30 p.m. Here is a solution to what to expect:

Thomas Baskett’s take-off plan. © BFMTV

Roasted chicken, cheese, ice cream … before taking the final meal of Thomas Baskett

Before leaving last night, Thomas Basket tasted his “last meal” – the astronaut commented on his Twitter account that “for obvious reasons we are not talking about a ‘last meal’.

On the menu: fried chicken and mash, cheese and viscous plate, ice cream for dessert.

Once on the International Space Station, he could taste dishes created by chef Thierry Marx, Krebs Suzette or Bouif Porquignon. And reconnect with the spaces, his “dream within a dream”.

“Quiet before the storm”: Thomas Basket took a trip to the beach before departure

How do you prepare before the big departure? Before flying to the International Space Station, Thomas Baskett and his caravans rested for a while. The four astronauts traveled to the beach using their last moments on Earth. “Quiet before the storm,” Thomas Baskett tweeted.

Thomas Baskett expects the second stay to be “much harder” than the first

According to Thomas Baskett, he expects the second form to be “much harder” than the first form. “Mentally, it’s very difficult,” the astronaut said a few days before departure.

“The first time, we’re going on an adventure, we do not know what will be difficult. The second time, we know what we’ve expressing, it’s like when we run a marathon, we know it hurts.”

In addition, the Govt-19 epidemic “did not facilitate training, we had been very isolated for almost a year, and we were preparing to leave Earth and our loved ones for six months … C. It’s not that big,” said the 43-year-old astronaut. “But when you go into space, you can’t complain,” he added.

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Many scientific experiments on the show

This second shelter promises to be serious for Thomas Baskett, with a hundred experiments to be carried out in this vast weightless laboratory. Among the favorites, according to him, is the study of the effects of weight loss on brain organoids (mini-brains created in the laboratory).

Scientists hope that this research will help space agencies expose teams to the hardships of space in the long run, and to produce tasks that will help combat brain disease on Earth.

Another major part of the trip was to upgrade the station’s solar system by installing new compact panels that roll like a giant yoga mat.

Second gold for Thomas Pesket with innovations

Shortly after returning to Earth, it was the second mission for the stars for Thomas Beskett, who had been dreaming since 2017. Aeronautical engineer, airline pilot, talented athlete, multilingual … During his first six months stay at ISS (started in November 2016), he developed his charisma and ease of interacting with the general public.

During this time, the astronaut will be the first European to borrow a private American spacecraft from Space X, and the Russian spacecraft Soyuz, the first to be multiplied by reaching orbit station. A novelty excites him and does not require less than a year of dedicated training.

At the end of his six-month career, he will also be the first Frenchman to take control of the station, like a football field, for a month.

Four astronauts take part in this “Crew-2” mission

The French astronaut was not alone in this mission called Crew-2. It includes two American astronauts, Shane Kimbero and Megan McArthur, and Japanese Akihiko Hoshaid. They were all already in space.

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Thomas Baskett, Megan McArthur, Shane Kimbero and Akihiko Hosheid at a press conference on April 16, 2021.
At a press conference on April 16, 2021, Thomas Baskett, Megan McArthur, Shane Kimbero and Akihiko Hoshaid © © Aubrey Gemignani / NASA / AFP

Once on the International Space Station, the four astronauts will meet for a few days before the Crew-1 crew – departing in November 2020 – returns from its six-month mission. With three Russians on board, the station is unusually packed with no less than 11 people on board.

Thomas Basket prepares to board the flight

Hello everyone and welcome to this live video dedicated to the departure of Thomas Basket International Space Station, where he is expected to stay for the second time after his first six-month journey, which began in November 2016.

The liftoff is scheduled for 11:49 a.m. from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. But preparations start much earlier, especially as the crew departs for the launch pad at 8:29am – each stage from 7am “first edition”, then you can follow in our special edition. From 10 a.m., watch simultaneously on

Throughout the morning, PFMTV correspondent Jean-Bernard Gadier of the United States will speak live from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral (Florida), where the flight will depart. PFMTV reporter Thomas Herreman will be live from the Citte de Elspace in Toulouse.

On the set and in the duplex, you will find former French astronauts: Patrick Patri, Claudie Heinere, Jean-Franசois Clervoy, Philippe Perrin. And many guests who specialize in space.