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Lists 'known issues' that Housemark has been operating on since its inception

Lists ‘known issues’ that Housemark has been operating on since its inception

By intervention published on the pages of the official Discord forum Will return, The Housemark team interacts with fans of science fiction and lists “known issues” from the exclusive PS5 launch.

The Finnish team takes advantage of the opportunity to call on the community to stop sending reports Restrictions on revenue savings, The creators of the PS5 exclusive are aware of the “problem” and will, by all means, work on some sort of solution to allow players to be saved in the middle.

According to reports from PlayStation 5 that PlayStation 5 may have crashed at the start of the return, those from Housemark are reporting to owners of Sony’s next-gen site. “A stage issue (PS5, referring to version). We have already sent our report to Sony. The error in question should, obviously, be related to the console’s pre-boot system..

Among the issues listed by Housemark, there are errors in redesigning the controls: Finnish developers recommend using only for enthusiasts, waiting for a decisive link Default control systems.

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