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Android: You will receive this SMS, but do not click!

Android: You will receive this SMS, but do not click!

This text message, which is widely distributed throughout Europe, contains malicious malware that may try to steal your passwords.

Credit: Louis Villasmill / Unsplash

Did you receive an SMS informing you that a package could not be delivered to your home? Beware, this may be the message of a malicious campaign aimed at spreading malware. Flobot. This dangerous spyware can steal very important data such as your passwords, thus opening the royal gateway to your bank account.

In Europe, this malware is spreading fast among users Smartphones Android, Thus across the channel, the National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) is officially warning UK residents about this scam. In France, this malicious campaign was in full swing just a few weeks ago, but one of our editorial staff received this malicious SMS this morning so it looks like it is steaming.

How to detect this malicious SMS?

The method used by hackers to distribute Flopot is always the same. You receive an SMS from the recipient informing you of a failed delivery attempt, indicating DHL or Royal Mail. So, the SMS invites you to click on a link to modify the delivery, which redirects you to a copy of the carrier’s site. This site invites you to install an APK file to track your site. Bingo, Floboot is installed on your device.

Then, with a certain appetite for your passwords, Flobot acts in the background while absorbing your sensitive personal information. Your bank account is not immune because an experienced hacker can use Floppot to crack your password and steal your savings.

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What if we already clicked?

If you have not yet received this SMS, you will be alerted. If you ever get it and click on its link, you beware. In the United Kingdom, the National Cyber ​​Security Center advises you to completely reset your smartphone by resetting its factory settings, which is a testament to the vulnerability of Flupot. The advice may seem harsh, but it is a great way to get rid of this malware once and for all.

If you do not want to go that far, all you can do is change your passwords, at least as important as the ones attached to your bank account, which are being targeted by hackers. Obviously, we can not highly recommend using strong passwords to protect your accounts. Finally, using antivirus on your Android smartphone will help you stop being fooled in the future.