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How to dim your house in Google Street View?

How to dim your house in Google Street View?

When you browse Google Maps, you realize that the Google Street View function provides a breathtaking view of your home. Don’t you want this view to be accessible to everyone? No problem, protect your privacy by following this tutorial on how to dim your home in Google Dot View.

Google Maps is a great tool. In addition to maps, there is also a street view function that allows you to walk down a street and look at buildings … very practical for preparing for a city visit and finding a shop or a specific building. However, it is also a tool to be detected by some traitors. Additionally, when Google cars run on the streets, they may accidentally take pictures of your vehicle or your family members and automatically blur.

Knowing these awkward charms, Google provides a simple tool to allow you to claim the blur of some photos. A simple procedure, which we will describe below.

How to dim your house in Google Street View on PC?

It should not take more than two minutes to blur your habit. Follow the guide!

  • Go to the address
  • Enter your home address in the field Top left And check Entrance Or by clicking on the icon Magnifying glass.
  • Click on the photo displayed in the upper left

  • Select the tab Street view and 360
  • Position yourself with the mouse in front of your house or in front of the area where you want to fade.
  • At the bottom left of the web page, very small To report an issue. Click on it.
  • On the next page, the reproduction of the photograph at its center, a Red frame.
  • The area you want to fade should be in this frame.
  • Do not hesitate to use the zoom marked by symptoms + And – In the picture or Mouse wheel. No need to blur more than necessary, right?
  • Once the zone is well designed, it is necessary to pass the lines below.
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  • Section ” Why are you complaining about this image?Choose the reason here My house, But it is one of the other reasons. Also, nothing prevents you from requesting a Google Forgotten Face or License Plate in addition to your home.
  • Finally, before clicking, enter your email address and verify reCAPTCHA verification To send .

You may have to wait a few hours or days for your request to be taken into account. Note that the same functionality is possible in mobile smartphone and tablet applications.

How to blur your house or car in Google Street View on smartphone?

Surely Google Map The process is quick and easy. Here’s how to do it.

  • Launch the Google Maps app and enter your address.
  • Tap the photo on the leftRotating arrowAccess the street view

  • Move the image around to display your home or the details you want to blur.
  • At the top right of the app is an icon in the form of three dots ).
  • Appears at the bottom of the screen To report an issue, Tap it.
  • The same page you had on the desktop site will appear.
  • The process is the same as on a computer: design the blurred area.
  • Then, before entering your email address, select the reason, check the reCAPTCHA and finally pressTo send.

This is done, you have to wait while Google executes your request. You may also want to do this with a paranoid satellite image. Google and be aware that this is not possible in the competition.

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