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LIRTS will be visible in the sky tonight

LIRTS will be visible in the sky tonight

The show will be in the sky this Friday morning with a column of lyre lights. Conditions may not be optimal due to the moon

During this night from Thursday to Friday, we have to raise our heads. The rain of shooting stars is visible to the naked eye. The show, nicknamed April Litz, is a cyclical event that returns from April 16 to 25 each year, dating back more than 2,600 years. The peak of activity is scheduled for early Friday, April 23rd, NASA explains in a press release.

Conditions should not be necessary and should peak at the brightest point of the moon. NASA warns that “the number of meteors may vary, but on a very dark, moonless night, the luckiest and sharpest observer will see 10 to 20 meteors per hour. Because there will be a lot of glare from the moon, you will not see many meteors this year.” .

To maximize the discrepancies on your side, it is best to isolate yourself from the light pollution of the cities so that you can sit comfortably in a decor or, best of all, lie down directly on the floor and allow time to relax. ‘To the darkness.

The source of this mass is the comet Thatcher. “Earth is her long hair that causes a shower of shooting stars at the same time every year”, Reminiscent of the Sciences and Avenir website.