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Linked • Nintendo Link released on October 8th

Linked • Nintendo Link released on October 8th

Tetris effect: Connected October 8, 2021 for the Nintendo Switch – the same day Metroid fear And the new Nintendo Switch (OLED model). Tetris effect: Connected Tetris you have never seen, heard of or felt – one of the most popular puzzle games of all time from the creators of the award-winning Res Infinite and the famous Luminous puzzle game, an exciting, unique and breathtakingly beautiful rediscovery. Completely different from that Tetris99 There is!

Takashi Ishihara’s title continues to use Tetris’ basic gameplay, but adds more dynamics overall. If enough rows are solved, you can enable zoning mode in which time still stands, no block falls and you can solve tasks with ease. Audiovisual elements in particular make the Tetris effect even better, as you can see in the game video below:

Extended version Tetris effect: Connected Among other things, it offers cross-platform multiplayer mode. Music, background, sound effects, special effects – all explode with Tetris modules, pulses, dances, glitter and perfect harmony with your game. More than 30 levels and more than 10 modes will become an event you will want to experience again and again.

Tetris effect: Connected It’s a challenge to the mind and a feast for the senses, and it’s the perfect reason to play Tetris again – again … again … again and again and again.

  • Cross-site multiplayer included! Players on different platforms can easily join friend match rooms with the new Room ID feature.
  • Spectator mode is available in friendly matches. A room can have a total of 8 people.
  • Features a completely new “zone” mechanic, which stops players (and prevents blocks from falling) by entering the “zone” to avoid collecting extra points needed for safe “game over” or bonus rewards in tricky situations.
  • All new multiplayer modes, such as Chote Combat, combine the traditional 1-on-1 Tetris game with the time-sustaining zoning dynamics popularized by the Tetris Effect.
  • A new “connected” cooperative system in which up to three players can actually connect their Tetris playgrounds and play together.
  • More than 30 different levels, each changing your game with their own music, sound effects, visual styles and background.
  • Player development for ranked and unlisted games, player placement and unlocked avatars.

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