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Life on Mars: We can create air on the red planet

Life on Mars: We can create air on the red planet

Dear user,
We, Mediangroup RDL Deutschland, continue to work on our digital products
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We therefore ask you to publish the following measurement options:


Our goal is to adapt our products as much as possible to our preferences and needs. We want to use your data for this purpose, for example, to provide you with precisely designed information or to provide specific features that make our offer easier to use.


Advertising is an important part of a free online product. We want to use your data to show you the most interesting ads. Additionally, greater target control of consumer information helps keep the amount of advertising material within an acceptable framework for you. We also send the data needed to display personalized ads to our customers and affiliate agencies.


We need data to continuously improve our products and to recognize the interests of our users and to analyze user behavior. However, we always collect data anonymously and / or.


Common social media features (e.g. Facebook login) not only make logging easier and more convenient, but also enrich our offers with interesting, updated content such as social media feeds. For this purpose, data is sent to us from the respective sites which we would like to use for the above mentioned features as well. As a rule, you will be notified in advance by the respective social media network of what data will be sent to us for this purpose.

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