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Lichet in the sewer of Pontossi: "The area is dying in municipalities" - Chronicle

Lichet in the sewer of Pontossi: “The area is dying in municipalities” – Chronicle

“The Tuscany Region has decided to download the decision on the municipalities of Pitrasanta and Montignoso: based on their feedback, the landfill managers will be asked again about the possibility of discharging the Kawa Fornes Leakage into the sewer. Purifiers call municipalities to check if they can safely dispose of highly toxic leachate and highly toxic materials. ” This is the advice of Foreign Direct Investment Councilor Vittorio Bandosi, who is awaiting an answer to a question posed to the Regional Council. Fears and questions were shared with Manuela Ayasi and Andrea Aliponi of the Municipal Coordinating FDI Montinoso. “The outdated sewage system is not enough to support the sewage coming from the Kawa Fornes landscape and it is feared that the sewage from the special waste will not be properly treated by the Lavello treatment plant. Roads, beaches, kilometer flow near the nature park”, underscores Fondosi.

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