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Level 5000: Teuerster Steam-Account soll fast 280.000 Dollar wert sein

Level 5000: The most expensive steam account is said to be worth approximately 0 280,000

Website Provides a ranking list of “best” steam users based on their respective steam levels. User leads so far St4ckSteam level reached 5000. Trading cards and badges contributed to this, pushing the estimated value of the account to over 5,000 275,000.

Steam account St4ck reaches 5,000 steam levels

As stated in it Leaderboard There is St4ck Undisputed leader in its 5,000 positions because it doesn’t even have 4,000 positions in second place. The level of steam is enhanced not only by sports purchases, but above all by trade card boxes and completed badges. Website statistics measure the value of 6,500 badges and card packages in the Steam account 2,000 over 242,000. Add to these 4,736 games worth a total of almost, 000 36,000. The total value is currently US $ 280,000.

Other users take the lead in other categories

With games in the steam library St4ck However, because it is far from the front Leaderboard after most games The account runs there Dwight Scrotum (Level 513) with more than 33,000 titles from the United States. Sorted According to the number of badges Lying again 4yBaK * (Level 1,709) from Russia with 17,531 steam badges. Bow Full game time As a criterion for steam Duang Do. (Level 454) is approximately 1.9 million hours ahead of Vietnam. Such play times are only possible with tricks such as the “Steam Time Idler” tool.

The steam ladder is not connected to the steam operator valve and is operated a Team Operated by private individuals. Portal established, which provides data that can be viewed publicly on Steam Its own API And steam will be ranked in the rankings by the user Terry 007 In early 2014.

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The search function can be used to find out where your own Steam account is in the rankings. If you do not want your data to be found there, you should “hide” your profile in the privacy settings for the Steam account or at least change access to “private” or “friends only”.

Is a popular one Steam Database Leads to Ranking lists, But only calculates the value of an account based on game prices.