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Letters - The Adventure Written on the Nintendo Switch is out today

Letters – The Adventure Written on the Nintendo Switch is out today

Immerse yourself in the heart of an epistolary story with the advent of adventurous letters written on PC and Nintendo Switch. Keyword-guided game, said by 5AM Games and PID Games.

Your mail has finally arrived. Letters, written adventure is now available on PC and Nintendo Switch. Colorful delivery that enlivens the beauty of words through innovative, award-winning gameplay and design. Publisher PID Games and Studio 5AM Games are pleased to finally invite you to discover this adventure in writing, modern, virtuous and full of emotion. “Clumsy introverts like Sarah, too, find it difficult to find our place in complex conversations. In letters, you overcome all the obstacles of everyday life by finding the right words hidden in handwritten letters and computer chats. After more than 4 years of development, we are very happy to share the letters with the world. We can not wait until you start writing your own adventure. Of course, we are nervous too. But the day before the release and in Switzerland we accidentally broke 3 trophies, and breaking the dishes signifies good luck. ⁇

Return to the 90s for a thrilling journey through Sarah’s handwritten letters. Discover his friends, his interests, his passions and his disappointments. Follow its evolution and join it in its emotional adventures with each of your choices. From paper to computer, words are all important. As Sarah grows, play with their harmony by learning to create and rebuild their meaning. If you do not like the result, it’s yours to rewrite history.

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