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Less and less "small" smartphones, Google is getting back

Less and less “small” smartphones, Google is getting back

Of course, the dimensions of the smartphone do not depend only on the screen size. Nevertheless, in the design of most devices today, you can tell a lot from the screen size that the smartphone display has. For many people, a display smartphone determines whether a display is 6 “or smaller in recent years. However, the choice of smartphones with smaller displays like this has been kept to a minimum.

There are only very small compact smartphones to choose from, the iPhone 12 Mini with Android is not

A positive example in my opinion is that Google has provided at least one model with a maximum 6 ″ screen for all previous pixel generations. Even the XL models were generally much smaller than the smartphones from other manufacturers. However, this year everything is different, which may be especially true for the upcoming Pixel 6 models. The regular version also grows from 6 to approximately 6.4 grow and the Pro / XL model has a display with almost 6.7 with.

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