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Leon.  Nike Air Max excites BW "Leon" on rue d'Algerie: "This is madness"

Leon. Nike Air Max excites BW “Leon” on rue d’Algerie: “This is madness”

“I’m always been interested in Air Max, and I woke up early this morning to dedicate this model to the city of Lyon. They really click, worth the two – hour wait!” Was announced.

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“That’s insane”

You have to get up early in the morning to tear yourself up, Real, classic and timeless Nike Air Max, Born in 1991, celebrates the 30th anniversary of the creation of the “Great Window”, with a model dedicated to the city of Lyon. By 9:30 a.m., when the store opened, the line was already stretched all the way to Bond de la Fueli in Rue de Algeria. “This is really insane, we didn’t expect there to be so many! Some have been here since 7:30 am, ”says Florent Altonian. Owner of Shoes Gallery And sneaker enthusiast.

Screenshot of Lebanese

“Air Max Generations Gone”

“Nike makes Leon stand out! Air Max has been around for generations. It’s the equivalent of street art basketball,” Anthony testifies, proud to show off his pair as he leaves the store. Virtue Deuce bears the phrase, “Comet Fortuna,” meaning: Luck is a companion and a courageous guide, the city’s official goal.

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At noon, some models, purchased for 140 euros, were already on sale for more than 200 euros a pair on Leponcoin and Windet.