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14 solutions if you do not want to download an app for iPhone

Today we are going to look at how to fix an iPhone that has not downloaded apps and updates from the App Store issue. This is a very complex issue that inevitably affects one of you.

As is often the case with the iPhone, here is a new tip for beginners, which beautifies the area The iPhone is easy.
These little iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac tips often help newcomers, but can sometimes surprise even the most expert among us!

A major issue affecting many iPhone owners

How frustrating it is when your iPhone does not want to download new apps or even wants updates for those already installed. The interest in the iPhone is much less when you can’t use the App Store and its list of great apps. Solving this problem is usually not very difficult, but for many reasons, there are a dozen possible solutions.

These tips apply to all iPhones, iPods and iPod Touch devices with the latest versions of iOS. It can come in the form of error popup or failed load. If you press the “Get” button, you will see the download progress and then, nothing.

IPhone App Download Trouble Tutorial

Here are the main reasons why iPhone apps are not downloaded

There may be issues with the App Store rules, simple software bugs, problems with your Apple ID or your iPhone settings. There are many ways to fix a frozen iPhone while trying to download apps. If the apps on your device do not download, try these fixes in that order.

  1. Storage warehouse. First check the availability on the iPhone. You can not download apps if you do not have enough storage on your iPhone. There are ways to free up storage space on the iPhone by going through the settings or deleting apps, photos, messages, etc.
  2. Download via WiFi. If you download the app through a cellular connection like 4G or 5G, you can reach the App Store range. Apple limits the size of apps that you can download through cellular networks to 200MB. Older versions of iOS set the limit to 150MB or 50MB. This prevents users from overusing their program. If the application you want to download is larger than this, connect with WiFi and try again.
  3. Airplane mode. Make sure the phone is not in airplane mode, as this will block all WiFi and cellular network connections.
  4. Restart the App Store app. An error while downloading the app may be related to the App Store app. Exiting the App Store application may eliminate the error and remove multitasking. After exiting the app, open the App Store app again and download the app again.
  5. Pause and restart the app download. This trick works when the app stops downloading or interrupts the network. If the app icon appears on your home screen but the download is slow or crashed, tap the app icon you are trying to install. This interferes with the download. Wait a few moments and tap again to start downloading again.
  6. Restart the iPhone. Sometimes you may need to restart a device for it to work again. There may be a temporary problem with the operating system or a software component.
  7. Exit the App Store and sign in again. An iPhone that cannot download applications may indicate that something is wrong with your Apple ID. If the connection between your iPhone and the Apple App Store is interrupted, you can disconnect and reconnect. Go to the Settings app, tap your name above and select Exit at the bottom. Select Login and enter your Apple ID username and password and sign in again.
  8. Check the payment method for your Apple ID. To download apps, you need to link the payment method with your Apple ID, even if you downloaded the free app. If you do not have a saved payment method or your card has expired, you will not be able to download apps.
  9. Please check the Apple ID you are using. If you have trouble updating the app on your device, you may have a problem with the Apple ID you are using. When you download an app, it is linked to the Apple ID that you signed in to at the time. If you change the Apple ID, applications associated with the old ID will not be able to update. Follow the steps in step 8 above to sign in with the other Apple IDs you used.
  10. Set the date and time. Incorrect date and time settings may prevent apps from downloading. The easiest way to fix this problem is to have your iPhone set its date and time automatically so it will always be correct. Select Settings> General> Date & Time. Activate “Set automatically (green).
  11. Reset device settings. Errors sometimes come from low-level settings. You can not always view or edit these settings individually, but iOS allows you to reset all settings. It will not destroy your data, but it can fix these kinds of issues. Go to Settings> General> Reset and click “Reset all settings”.
  12. Update iOS. Updates to the operating system iOS for the iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch often fix software bugs. Your iPhone may not be able to download apps due to an operating system error. Simple, fast and free operating system updates may solve the problem.
  13. Reset iPhone. After all, if nothing works, you should erase all the contents of the iPhone and be careful to back up your data via iTunes or iCloud before activating. Then go to Settings> General> Reset and click on “Reset iPhone Content”. Double check your preference. Finally, you have a restored iPhone, and you can restore your SMS, contacts, apps, and more with your previous backup.
  14. Call Apple for help. If you have tried all these steps and your iPhone has not downloaded any apps yet, you need the help of experts at Apple. You can get support online or over the phone from the Apple website or get help in person at the Genius Bar in your local Apple Store.

If you have ever had this problem tell us, if so, how you solved it. Otherwise, feel free to discuss our hundreds of other tutorials and tens of thousands of articles on Apple News since 2008. One of the most popular lessons recently considered is how to program an SMS on the iPhone or how to clean airports.

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