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Lenovo markets Android tablets as display for Nintendo Switch

Lenovo markets Android tablets as display for Nintendo Switch

Lenovo unveiled the Yoga Pad Pro in China this week, an Android tablet with a 13-inch display, Snapdragon 870, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. Typical Android tablet, but with something special.

Tablet with HDMI connection

Since there is a micro HDMI connection, there is a small kickstand to turn the tablet on display. That’s why it’s being marketed as a second display for laptops and a display for the Nintendo Switch.


This is a display that costs around 425 euros, but at least you get a compatible Android tablet as well. If the display is of good quality, it really looks like an interesting tablet.

By the way, it is not yet clear whether the Lenovo Yoga Pro will come to Germany, but since we have a yoga limit, I will not rule it out. If it comes to us, we will send the details – otherwise you Lenovo in China.

Lenovo Yoga Bad Pro

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