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“Legend of Mana” gets an anime adaptation + scene

Japanese company SQUARE ENIX announced today KnownThe video game “Legend of Mana” will receive an anime adaptation entitled “Legend of Mana: The Tear Drop Crystal”.

Start date still pending

The anime series was created by Studios Grofinica, which has been producing works such as “Hello World” and Yokohama Animation Lab, most recently “Lobis Re: LIGHD” and “Makatsu Truth: First”. Genius Prince Guide Work.

Warner Bros. is the producer of the Japan animat, the date of which has not yet been announced. Additional details about the contributors are currently pending.

“Legend of Mana”, originally titled “Sequence Tension: Legend of Mana”, is the fourth game in the “Sequence Tension” series, released for PlayStation in 1999. The redesigned version for Windows, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 was released on June 24, 2021.

You can see the opening video of the new version of the game at the link below, produced by Grabinica and Yokohama Animation Lab.

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