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League fires former mayor Allivy MBNews

League fires former mayor Allivy MBNews

As for the election campaign for the next administrative election in Sevastopol, the local area Salvini League: “Sensa-Mayor Luca Allivi, elected in 2018 and leading the right-center, resigned on July 1, 2021. His choice was taken abruptly and unexpectedly, without sharing or discussing with council members. Not even with the League of Political Power that has been playing for years.
After his demise, he learned from the press sources, Attempts to talk to him for logical explanations were unsuccessful. After such an action, the relationship of trust between him and the other councilors came to an end – his close collaborators – could not continue the relationship of faithful cooperation that had always existed on our part.
Ensuring that Alesia Boroni strongly opposed the resolution on traffic lights confirms the bias of the information Layered in recent weeksCitizens’ List Allivi Meyer, who has no affiliation with the League, betrayed the mandate entrusted to him by the citizens and showed that he could not manage a government committee., They say Sevastopol.
The offices that worked on the resolution, with the support and notes of Alessia Boroni, issued an order for the contribution to come from the Lombardy region, which was later confirmed by the approval of last year’s City Council budget. June 30. The opposite is untrue.
Sorry to face an election campaign, the Ghost-writer promises to be based on bad faith in the will.
We have another view of politics We are ready to accept the administration of Sevastopol to fulfill the objectives of our plan and to guarantee a stable state based on loyalty and integrity.

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We expect a response from former mayor Luca Alliwi.

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