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LBA #Gara1 quarti Playoff 2021: l

LBA # Race 1 Quarterfinal Playoff 2021: Olympia Milano knocks out disappointed and expelled Dolomiti Energia Trentino

Balance in the first quarter, To break Milanese is important in the second and long term Junk time Of the remaining two. Thus we can summarize the first act of these quartersOlympia Milan Clearly preferred, but some would have predicted that they would have succeeded with so much difference without it Dolomites Energy Trentino He may have a slight reaction.

Tomorrow we are already back on the field and it could be another story, of course if it is the team Molin Wants to defeat it Messina Should match (or at least come close) Regular season I hope Olympia gets the wrong approach, otherwise it will be very difficult.

Desk: Olympia Milan – Ptolemy Energy Trento 88 – 62

Report cards

Martin5 – One more vote for its dangerous conditions. It never affects.

BROWNE 6,5 – He quickly has problems with mistakes, but he knows how to make a shot on his own and is one of the very few with the ability to attack.

FORRAY 6 – A few years ago the warrior seemed like a distant memory, he won some experience, but nothing more than that. Of course the transition from the likes of Kraft to Brown has suffered and a lot.

Sanders 4,5 – Misses the shot often and willingly and his hair is remembered more than good plays.

Morgan6 – Always thought to be dangerous, but it goes too far in alternating current.

J. Williams6 – We understand jumping, jumping. Its left arm can be found on the half hook but otherwise very stiff. However, it seems to have more than 2-3 neurons, so beware that it can be found in the Euro League at some point.

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Learner6 – He can’t do much, and what he does is not even bad.

May 4 – Stop with one or two shots .. In 26 minutes … Good Luke has to raise his performance if Trento wants to win at least one, and much more.

Accounts and Midnight 6 – In a respectable way, they only play the smallest remnants.

PUNTER 7 – In eighteen minutes he puts on some acceleration that hurt his opponents the most.

LEDAY 5,5 – Rather unlisted, but he is always in the open air after a season, especially when he realizes the game is on the right track.

Morashini 7.5 – Welcome back to Ricky! Get 7 important points while the game is still in balance. But he marks them with such confidence that the important thing is that he never gets on the field.

Rodriguez6 – One day in the office, without many glitches.

பிலிகா 7 – Excellent contribution, he flies to crush his team’s flying aids, makes a solid reproduction despite being in defense every time, and then he still gets stuck like one Juniors.

Teleni5 – The attitude of those who want to expend 40 of the same calories in a match. He also wins for charity and let’s see if he removes it tomorrowEnergy saving system.

Shields 7,5 – Instead he struggles to defend himself, let alone against his former team. It seems that it has not lost its magical luster yet Game against Bayern 5, We hope you will keep this for one more month.

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Brooks 5,5 – Can do more, it does not apply. It applies to the attacking stage with a round and incorrect shot against Forre as a symbol. He can’t do more, but Maye struggles under his grip to the defensive point, being forced to take tough shots instead.

HINES 7,5 – Bayern, Trento, Castelletto Ticino, Lakers, Juventus or Pro Reco. Nothing will change for him, he will always play the same way and after all he is always as solid as an oak. Among those seculars.

Data 6.5 – Another step in athletic status, good shooting, so in exams. He had already bought wax to put in the cologne, attention.

WOJCIECHOSKI AND CINCIARINI SV – Meaningless remnants, I will keep them in the first place, but let it be so


Lele Molin

“Milan won this game by a very high margin and the best shooting percentage is an expression of their excellent quality. But I was not satisfied with our performance, not because of the failure, because we made many mistakes that we could have avoided in the last few games. We need to be more careful about what we do: Of course, we know that Milan’s defense is ahead of us; there are some superficial mistakes, however, we can not do them again, otherwise tomorrow’s challenge will be a photocopy of this race 1.

Cristiano Corbin

@ garbo75