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AppsVillage/TikTok tie up

AppsVillage has partnered with TikTok, the world’s most downloaded app

AppsVillage (ASX: APV) Has partnered with Digtok to advertise on the Digtok platform for its small business customers.

Dictoc It is the most downloaded application in the world with over 2.5 billion installations. It has 850 million monthly users worldwide – 110 million of them in the United States.

AppsVillage will expand its digital marketing automation and management solution JARVIS application for dictoc.

This partnership will allow AppsVillage customers to create advertising campaigns on Dictoc and reach new audiences within three minutes without any prior experience.

AppsVillage’s recent success

The deal is Appsvillage’s latest success since launching Jarvis six months ago.

Appsvillage argues that using Jarvis is like “having a professional advertising campaign manager for you”.

The deal with Dictoc has continued since Jarvis’ success in terms of Facebook ads since its launch in June.

Some of the most convincing results achieved for customers include a 300 percent explosion in new tracks and a 50 percent reduction in the cost of a lead.

Jarvis is very popular among customers in shopping, retail and beauty and cosmetics.

Dictoc targeting Facebook advertisers

The deal comes at a time when Dictok is trying to beat small business advertisers from Facebook.

In July of this year it launched a self-service advertising site that aims to put small businesses in the Facebook ad basket – or stop altogether between COVID-19 – and switch to Dictoc.

This provided a significant carrot for businesses switching, especially those in the latter category. That is, to encourage small businesses worldwide to take in $ 100 million in advertising credits and help COVID-19 get out of the hole.

Dictoc ads appear in the user’s content feed, run for up to 60 seconds and include sound.

AppsVillage (ASX: APV) Stock Price Chart

In Stockholm, we say the same thing. Although AppsVillage is a stockhead advertiser, it does not sponsor this article.

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