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Lazio, dying session: eyes on the immobile

Lazio, dying session: eyes on the immobile

Formallo – The unloading session, as scheduled on the board, consists only of players who were on the bench yesterday or entered the second half. The focus is on everything Immovable: With two goals crippled yesterday, he asked for a change at half time and fell on his right knee. At the end of the race he was smiling and in agony, hoping he was not interested Co-ligament, But it was a simple blow. “There will be no problem in this matter and he will recover immediately”, Explained Frequently In the latter game. The weight of the immobile was also recovered Marathi. He did the tool tests this morning, don’t worry. We have to deal with Jupiter and his conditions of disqualification Milinkovic A. for Sunday Sacuolo. But first there is the decisive challenge Europa League With Kaladasare, Success Lazio Can finish first in the group and qualify directly for the 16th round. Champions At sixteen.

Project. Wing will manage the team until the end of Wednesday afternoon, today Marusik, Cataldi, Basic, Pedro and Muriki did a different job. Dying session with sneakers and sunglasses for Louis Philippe (suffering from conjunctivitis). Some cycles with Galatasaray will take place through technical selection, while others will be prescribed by the hospital. To understand the selection on the threshold: Strawberries, Before Champ-Lazio, he was the trophy holder. This could be confirmed between the positions waiting for the Italian Cup and the new opportunities Raina. Lazarus Among the owners can turn, there are, as usual, the biggest doubts in the midfield: the turn of the immediate stop Milinkovic It will guide the wing to propose again in the median, who knows who is involved Luis Alberto As the opposite mejala. Il Mago is predictable against Sassuolo on Sunday. See you again Philip Anderson, May take Thursday to breathe Point Pedro. Zakagni Weather He is confident and travels towards an encore in the opening eleven.

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