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Infamous 2 - change - ntower

Infamous 2 – change – ntower

Three years after Trouble 2 first appeared on the Nintendo Switch, we received the amazing announcement that the multiplayer title will be enriched with new functions and languages. Reason enough to pay close attention to the topic under current conditions and to examine it in detail with the family on our own four walls.

Trouble 2 is a game designed for a multiplayer experience that requires a Nintendo Switch console and a smartphone or tablet for every player involved. The basic principle of the game is to draw the displayed words and guess them in the short rounds of the game. Not only are the best maps rewarded, but the most constructive responses from teams of players are also provided. Before we talk about the new features of the update, I will elaborate again on the concept using an imaginary game round.

At the beginning of the game everyone should join the room.

© Jackbox Game

At the beginning of the game round, a game room is created using the Nintendo switch, which is shared online. Thanks to the link shown on the screen and the appropriate room code, other players can join via the Internet. No application is required to play, but since the web browser is used, all common smart devices are supported without any problems, and games on the computer are possible without any problems. If there are at least three players in a room, the game round can begin.

Each player creates a self-painted character, and can name it as it acts as a sports person. Everyone has to draw a word that is displayed on the smart device and the game starts. The screen and two different colors are available for this, and in terms of self-designed art you have to draw the word as accurately as others can guess. Then one of the painted pictures is given to everyone and by entering the text one can guess exactly what it is. The Creator is not the only one involved in this process. The guessed terms and the original word will all be shown later and you have to agree on what it is. The draftsman gets points for each correct answer, but those who create incorrect names also get extra points, whose terms are chosen to be correct. May indicate particularly constructive responses to give extra points to the creator.

Do you know the answer?

© Jackbox Game

This game principle is repeated over and over again, depending on the other players, ensuring a lot of fun. Not only are the maps screaming fun, but the guessed words based on the pictures also cause great laughter. Incidentally, the winner is not always the one who attracts the best, but also the one who gives the most relevant or constructive answers. Accordingly, even those with less artistic talent can have a lot of fun. If you are afraid that the game will wear out at some point, you should say that different terms and conditions are waiting for you in the online fund, thus ensuring different types of game rounds. Additionally, if you want to allow your creativity to run wild, you can design a list of words before each game. At first nothing is forbidden here, so you can take the whole thing absurdly.

At this point, Draful 2 offers the same policy as previous years. However, options for changing the language and determining evaluators are included. The former in particular is a real success because the game policy can now be extended to younger members of the family – before you only play Trouble 2 in English. In addition, with the German voice release you will come across individual rounds, which is very fantastic. On the other hand, evaluators may be added during a game to prevent inappropriate maps or rules from interfering with the game. This is probably not necessary at home, but it’s a great way to prevent atrocities, especially for streamers playing Trouble 2 with the audience via Twitch. I can imagine this process during a digital lesson with students.

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Overall, Trouble 2 unfortunately does not yet have customization options. For example, I would have finally wanted to select multiple colors or resize the screen while drawing. Depending on the device used, the artwork is not always very attractive, which can be very fun, but also frustrating for the creator. I also don’t understand why the format of the film didn’t deviate. It is very large in height but very narrow in width. With current smart devices, it makes sense to play in natural mode. This is possible in principle, but the game screen remains the same. We hope to receive even more additional prizes in the future for profitably expanding the best game.