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Lack of Pokemon, reasons for lack of information

Lack of Pokemon, reasons for lack of information

The Nintendo Direct broadcast on September 23, 2021 was an opportunity to discover a lot of new switch products besides Pokமொmon. Strangely, the lack of Pokemon can obscure the most serious issues for licensing.

Nintendo “has promised to look into the upcoming games this winter Nintendo-Switch“. 3 Pokமொmon Games in Hell have been announced for a while, To know Pokemon Sparkling Diamond and Sparkling Pearl remakesAs well as Pokemon Legends: Arcius ?

Nintendo Direct: Notice the lack of Pokemon

If Nintendo wanted to get in touch about its upcoming games, why was Pokemon without, undeniably the company’s primary license? And beyond Mario Or Zelda, New product provider! WhenThe mobile title will finally bring Pokemon cards to iOS and Android (And switch!), How to explain the lack of new information?

There are many reasons for this, and it is enough to throw some cold. First, we can assure you that Pokemon messages are frequently exposed Live Exclusive, these are popular Provides Pokemon.

But in more than 4 weeks, a simple trailer may have satisfied fans, with remakes of the Pokemon Sparkling Diamond and Sparkling Pearl scheduled for release very soon on November 19th.

Worrying reasons for not having Pokemon during the last Direct?

But already, the opinions of anxious fans are rising on the networks. At a time when a lot of games are getting late, how to make sure of it Pokemon Can’t start? Some more games are planned for 2021 Not exempt from last minute adjournment, and Nintendo May decide to postpone his topics.

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The big RPG Pokémon Legends: Arceus, announced for him in 2022, did not set a precise window wisely. It will not come in January, but will no doubt come in the year. Here, too, anxious players predict longer waits than expected And so on New OLED Switch Model (October 8 release) Sells well and enjoys a wide baseGuaranteed good sales for future switch games.

Nintendo promises: Pokemon games will not be late in the switch

In the face of these messages, Nintendo Is loyal to the principles of silence. However, the official website and recent announcements confirm the release on scheduled dates for at least the 2 remakes mentioned above.

Until then, things will not change, on the contrary, A limited edition Pokémon switch console has already been announced ! These video games are just a few weeks away from release Pokemon Unite Continue in his happy way.

See you in 2022 with Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Bullets in our consoles, and more pre-orders Pokemon Legends: Arcius Open.