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Lack of news Square Enix wants -

Lack of news Square Enix wants –

The new generation consoles will bring many high-end games. PS5In particular, it has already promised its fans some third-party blockbusters. An example? Final Fantasy16, Which first appeared in September 2020 and (now) last time. It’s been about five months now and nothing new has been said about the long awaited RPG. Over there Lack of noveltyHowever, that is correct Square Enix likes.

Speaking to the Washington Post, Square Enix maker and Saga senior Noki Yoshida The news about Final Fantasy 16 was deliberately limited. Why? “We don’t want to say anything general or incomplete and make speculation about the game. Every ending fantasy fan is very interested in being different. Every fan has their favorite style.” In other words, the incomplete presentation of the work can start speculation about what the game will look like and fans may be disappointed not to find what they imagined.

Yoshida is not at fault for everything. Over the years the saga has changed in different ways and fans are always ready to criticize, often in a serious way. Briefly presenting Final Fantasy 16 can be detrimental to Square Enix and players. As Yoshida says, it is about showing exactly what it is and clarifying why we should wait for the next episode of Saga.

Despite the understandable and shared advertising strategy, it is impossible to believe that Square Enix will soon show something new. For now, we have a vague promise about this in 2021. At the very least, we have had the opportunity to find out who the protagonists are, and plenty of other information from the official Italian website.

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