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Kovit: Morocco sets up a vaccine pass that allows travel and travel

Kovit: Morocco sets up a vaccine pass that allows travel and travel

In a statement, the government said the vaccine was a pass Official document, protected and authorized by the authorities, Allows its holder, Without any additional documentation, To do Traveling across the national border without restraint, traveling beyond 11pm and traveling abroad.

Similarly, vaccine pass a Code QR Allows it to be authenticated by the application provided for this purpose, can be downloaded in printable or electronic form to deliver on the smartphone.

The report also said that it could be withdrawn in paper form from the local authorities where the vaccination center of the person concerned is located.

What is the difference between this vaccine pass and the vaccination certificate? Since the beginning of the campaign, it has been available for download on the same platform (
“Actually, the format has changed in line with international requirements; and the name change: QR code that can be read via a smartphone application”, explains the authorized source.

The deployment of the application for reading encrypted QR code makes it possible to enable the authenticity of the document because “the code enables us to recognize that the certificate in question is actually an official document”, as we have pointed out in the article below.

All you need to know about vaccination certification and how your QR code works

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