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Konami has released three new U-G-O!  : Master Duel, Rush Duel and Cross Duel

Konami has released three new U-G-O! : Master Duel, Rush Duel and Cross Duel

Toolists Trading Card Game U-G-O! U-G-O in digital form! Master Duel • U-G-O! Get the Rush Tube on the Nintendo Switch this fall • U-G-O! CROSS DUEL 4 Player Card Wars Introducing YU-G-Ow Universe to Mobile! ARC-V Coming Soon Yu-Ki-O! DUEL links

Konami Digital Entertainment, PV One, not two, three new U-G-O! As well as a new universe U-G-O! DUEL links. It’s time to fight!

Special “U-G-O! Digital Next ”, published by Konami for the first time U-G-O! Master Duel And U-G-O! Cross Duel, And announced it U-G-O! Rush Duel (Working title) This fall on the Nintendo Switch will be available in Europe and the US.

U-G-O! Master Duel The most popular trading card game (PVP) for new and experienced players is U-G-O! In digital format. Players from all over the world can compete in intense compact card duels that are exciting to watch. Unlike other Yu-Ki-O! Focusing on manga and anime, U-G-O! Master Duel Fully adapted from PVP, U-G-O guarantees! The most comprehensive PVP to date.

U-G-O! Master Duel Available worldwide on PlayStation ® 5, PlayStation ®4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam, iOS and Android. This is the first Yu-Ki-Oh! Graphics display in 4K on compatible computers.

For more information about U-G-O! Master Duel, Meeting The official website of the game.

Players can explore the vibrant world of animation U-G-O! Seven, Currently airing in Japan, and find a fun new way to fight U-G-O! Rush Duel On the Nintendo Switch. Based on the RUSH DUEL card game released in Japan last year, U-G-O! Rush Duel Introducing new rules for multiplying draws and summonses for duels that can be changed at any time!

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Toolists can collect rush tool cards, create their own sites and face characters U-G-O! Seven As well as players from around the world U-G-O! Rush Duel, Available this fall in Europe and the United States.

U-G-O! Cross Duel Changing the nature of the duels with intense four-player battles. More info on this new U-G-O! Plans for iOS and Android worldwide will be announced soon.

Konami also announced its mobile and PC game U-G-O! DUEL links Has over 140 million downloads worldwide. Players collected more than 65 billion cards and faced each other in 6 billion duels.

Yu-Ki-O players! DUEL LINKS Get ready for the arrival of the universe now U-G-O! ARC-V, Coming to the game soon. U-G-O! DUEL links Available at iOS, Android And PC Steam.

To date, the popular TRADING CARD GAME U-G-O! Distributed in over 80 countries and translated into 9 languages, it is enjoyed by fans of all ages.