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Konami drops contract: PES becomes eFootball and plays for free - teller statement

Konami drops contract: PES becomes eFootball and plays for free – teller statement

The discount beta, launched in early summer without the three letters PES, was a precursor: after many years of teasing FIFA Despite good performance on the field, Konami fully accepts the turn, never dropping it from its pedestal Free to play Under the new name. Until now, the publisher has been releasing LITE versions of its football simulations, usually months after they first hit the shelves. For this modification of the game under the unlicensed engine Unreal Engine, there is no longer a home, so Konami wants to explore another path.

We have made changes to develop a new football game machine that will run eFootball for many years.“, Takes the new producer of the series, Cedar Kimura under his new brand. Change is needed. The same experience can be provided to expand the number of potential players without being locked into the race for power. Cross play ; An option that will be extended after introduction. But for the rest, we will have to wait for the next wave of information planned for it in August.

Considering the new nature of the game service, following the launch of this fall, the game will continue to welcome new content additions and new game modes. So local matches are FC Barcelona, ​​Juventus, FC Bayern, Manchester United. “And other teams“Online meetings not only limit the experience, but are available for free at the exit (nine clubs on the chart) so we do not know what will happen to other clubs, especially French clubs, but it is necessary to return to the preferred DLC where it exists so players can.”Build their own experience according to their interests“.

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In other words, a road la carte game with a popular roadmap Free to play, Konami will no doubt be profitable in the short term, as evidenced by the announcement of the “Match Pass” to earn items and players planned for the fall. So business logic has finally imposed itself, so this is the end of event events as some have known for the past two decades. One page certainly seems to have turned.

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