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Kololungo's Lego Gallery found on the web -

Kololungo’s Lego Gallery found on the web –

One Set the logo From Horizon Zero Dawn basically Long neck, One of the mechanical creatures in the game, was found in the products for sale by the German site Wagner, which suggests turning the alloy adventure into bricks.

Brick_clicker The page was removed shortly after it was viewed by the user and unfortunately the product image was not included. According to the site, the Collolungo Horizon Zero Dawn package will be available from May 1, 2022. 79.99 Euro And is recommended for adults. A search on the product’s EAN (5702017156491) allows you to find other European retailers who have already added this package to their list, but without the exact title of Wagner.

Horizon Lego set page on Wagner’s website

Lego has not yet determined the existence of this Horizon Zero Dawn package, but if it is confirmed, it could become the first series of products to be affiliated with Gorilla and Sony.

Meanwhile, many new information has come out Horizon Forbidden West From the latest issue of Game Informer, the guerrillas’ comrades talked about alloy skills, specialties and fighting styles, secondary missions and upgrades to weapons and costumes, and how the main characters make the most impact. Story.

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