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Knights of the Old Republic: A classic remake of Bower’s Star Wars in the works

Image: Lucas Arts

Beverly’s classic Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is being reviewed for a remake by its current caretakers. The title has not been worked on by its original creators, but by Asir Media, the original has already been shipped to mobile devices and MacOS.

The studio, which appeared primarily with boardings, has a sport-related experience that does not guarantee bad prerequisites for a completely new development. Nothing is known other than the existence of the project, the official announcement is still pending.

Information about Jason Schreier was leaked, confirming the accuracy of the information he had been spreading for months as a guest on the “Minnemax Show” on YouTube and adding the name of the studio in charge. Meanwhile the rumors have been confirmed Eurocomer From own sources. Since being updated with classic updates, the game’s presence can now be seen as undeniable. Such activities are always a step in the brand’s commercial introduction, and never maintain the tradition with a pure appreciation of one’s own past.

The nature of the resume is not yet clear. According to rumors from January, the remake will combine elements of the “Knights of the Old Republic” role-playing games into the current Star Wars canon. This will be “KOTOR 1 + 2”. This also makes sense, because the second part created by Obsidian Entertainment was not fully developed and showed traces of compressed passages. Here will be the opportunity to implement the intended game.

Translation: Miniature Organic is simply looking for the problem and has a two percent probability of exploding. That may be a favorite thought on my part, sir. – HK-47, “translating” to ISIS

D&T meets 3D and story

Kotor marks a high point in the history of bioware because it forces the player to make decisions. The classic between good and bad is one of them. It is also in the hands of the players to travel between locations or choose the layout of the team. Fights are based on DNT rules that are more reminiscent of Baldur Gateway than modern games. The event is designed with a very well told story. Conversations with the killer Droid HK47 are famous, stubbornly referring to the player as a “meat sack”.

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