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Kisuke is angry at Honda playing in the game, very weak -

Kisuke is angry at Honda playing in the game, very weak –

Kisuke Honda, One of the legends of Japanese football, is almost never satisfied AngerHow it chicks inside Pro Evolution SoccerAs a result, he became almost angry at how his replacement ego was being measured within the game, resulting in the player’s perception being too weak.

It is handled in a completely fun and playful manner in a courseInterview published on YouTube, In which Honda discovers some events of his career and talks about many more personal things, including the use of video games.

This is not clear No chapter Pro Evolution Soccer refers to Honda, probably not the new e-football, but the player did not make precise references to that episode, expressing his disappointment at the way it will be re-created in the series.

“In 2021 I started a business with a football school and honestly, I did nothing but that,” Honda said at one point in the interview. “Among other things, I played a lot Pro Evo“, As the player defined it, then focused on its reproduction in the game.

I noticed mine Capacity points are very low, I thought they were joking, “Honda said.

Kisuke Honda is one of the most famous Japanese footballers

“I also thought of setting up an appointment with Konami and telling him to come to a match and watch me play,” he explained. In the end, “Every time I played the game Get angry When I use myself “.

Meanwhile, we have the official release date for eFootball 2022, a game that angered PES fans after the video release of the alpha version, apparently did not live up to expectations.

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