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Kirby official website suggests new game?  Nintendo Connect

Kirby official website suggests new game? Nintendo Connect

In December 2020, the Kirby developer teased the new plans for 2021, and Sams Hunter hopes that we will get the Kirby game as a new announcement on the Nintendo Direct next September.

The Official website Redesigned to display default placeholder text for each section, indicating that a new entry may be announced in the Kirby series. The description has been replaced by a placeholder text entitled “Lorem Ipsum” and the news articles have been replaced by parts of Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis”. However, this placeholder page is similar to Samus Hunter, starting April 30, 2021 Notes, So it has not been edited recently and is used by Nintendo USA to create templates for its pages. So we still have to wait!

The last Kirby game we got for the Nintendo Switch Kirby Fighters2. It was released last year. So it’s time to see what the team has in terms of a new big Kirby offshoot or yet another cycle.

And in order for you to have something more to see, we offer you our video game test from that time Kirby Star Allies Released for the Nintendo Switch in 2018:

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