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Kirby Fighters 2: Nintendo's Kirby packs punch in new fighting game - Eugene Sowa

Kirby Fighters 2: Nintendo’s Kirby packs punch in new fighting game – Eugene Sowa

Nintendo’s announcement of a new Kirby game has come as a huge surprise to switch owners, but who can say they don’t want more magic from pink puffball. Fans will never know what to expect when the new Kirby game is released in different creative ways, so it will always be exciting to see what Nintendo does next with the character. Kirby’s latest adventure comes in the form of Kirby Fighters 2, Smash Brothers style fighting game.

Kirby Fighters 2 is a sequel to Kirby’s Triple Deluxe on the Nintendo 3DS, where four players take control of one of Kirby’s copy abilities and fight in the classic stages. Developed by HAL Lab players, it automatically bears a lot of resemblance to the Super Smash Bros series, basically playing a somewhat tone-down version of the Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

The game is bright and colorful

Kirby Fighters 2 is clearly created for multiplayer madness, but there is also a story mode where players have to fight through the battle tower to defeat King Deedee and Meta Knights.

Story mode can be completed solo or in pairs. The only problem I have with this is that the second player can only choose one of the Buddy characters – Vadil Dee, Gooey and a few others when you unlock them, apparently it’s great for the continuation of the story but it’s fun to partner with another Kirby in so much collaboration.

Single Handed Mode means players will have the task of clearing battles filled with the most difficult opponents, assuming it is a surviving Time Attack mode where players will be rewarded with platinum medals if they do not die.

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This battle is similar to the Super Smash Brothers, as players can choose to play team battle or fight in a solo four-way confrontation. There is an online mode, but this is a great addition, as players cannot fight in 1v1 and are forced to play a 2v2 team with a random player. Online can sometimes lag behind, just like the issues that really frustrated Smash Brothers online matches.

Kirby Fighters 2 gameplay uses more authentic health bars instead of ringing players and making it easier for players to beat their opponents and button mash. While some levels can help against such cheap tactics, there are many obstacles that can help keep battles like Wind Turbines or Giant Robot Attacker fun and cheerful.

The overall level models are excellent, each offering a different challenge and taking players into their strategy. Another unique feature is that they do not disappear when your character becomes a coyote, but become a ghost and are restored after they attack another character.

Playing in each mode earns players fighter points, which move up the fighter rank as each new rank unlocks a new stage, item or character. Since there are 17 different Kirby abilities and 5 Buddy types to unlock, they can all become a little softer to get, because the points needed to increase levels increase dramatically, but there are enough modes to complete rather than repeat too much.

From the offset, Kirby Fighters 2 may seem like a simplified version of Super Smash Brothers and is similar to Super Kirby Clash, but the combat system with each character is much more complex. Each kirby letter has a limited movement set using the B button, but players can combine these attacks to create smaller combos.

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Staff Kirby has the ability to fly high by holding down B as opposed to pressing down, making it easier to make rapid aerial attacks on opponents. Blocking is easy, but players should be careful about their defensive strap, some characters come with counters like in SSB.

Kirby comes with trademark capabilities and can also be used to eat utensils floating (not transformed after eating). Kirbys all feel different and are a lot of fun to learn. I dare say they feel better than some of the Kirby variations on SSB.

In team matches players can restore health by kissing their teammate. All of this may seem very simple but it works well and throwing into the mix with different objects can lead to very chaotic situations.


Kirby Fighters 2 has the charm of Nintendo and franchise fans will jump on it. There is an affordable amount to complete and unlock, the gameplay has enough realism and depth that it is not labeled as an abbreviated version of Super Smash Brothers.

For those looking for an alternative platform fighter on the switch, this is definitely worth a punt as there are loads here for a wide variety of players.

The Kirby Fighters 2 closed for 17.99 for the Nintendo Switch