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No date has been set for the next console unless it is released before 2100

No date has been set for the next console unless it is released before 2100


  • Enjoying the success of the switch, Nintendo has revealed that its successor will be released in “20XX”
  • Nintendo expects the switch to last longer than the normal console lifespan of five to six years
  • With the end of 3DS, Nintendo is now only producing Switch and Switch Lite

Nintendo is working on new hardware, but the long-rumored release date for the switch is in the air.

Nintendo’s newest slideshow, teasing gay and fans Corporate Management Briefing Stated that the “next gaming system” would be launched anytime “20XX” or before the year 2100. Clearly, the release of any new console from Nintendo will not wait until 2099, but the company may not want to stick to the release date. Now, GameSpot Observed.

Following the discontinuation of the Nintendo 3DS last week, it marks the end of the 9-year-old handheld console, whose last major title is 2019’s “Personal Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth”. Currently, the only Nintendo systems in production are Switch and Switchlight.

The success of the switch undoubtedly comes from the combination of both the home and the portable console. With the release of the 3DS, the Switch Lite steps into the handheld console and the need for special formats, at least for Nintendo, no longer seems necessary.

However, with the entries of the Microsoft Xbox Series X and Sony PlayStation 5 this November, one cannot help but wonder if Nintendo wants to enter the war with its own powerful console in a category that once ruled.

Nintendo and Switch set the highest August dollar sales record in US console history. Since its release in 2017, the switch has sold out rapidly in just 10 months from its devastating predecessor, the Wii Uni, which marks an epic comeback for Nintendo.

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Since consoles typically have a lifespan of five to six years, it is only natural to wonder at this point what Nintendo is cooking as a follow-up to a successful unit such as the Switch. However, the company believes that the lifespan of the switch will be There may be even more Than that.

Meanwhile, Switch users can look forward to the super-Mario 3D All-Stars and Kirby Fighters 2-to-be-released Zelda-related “Hiroole Warriors: Age of Calamity” and “Pickmin 3 Deluxe” by the end of next year. ”Last week.

When announcing a switch successor and mapping it out, Nintendo is trying to make sure it has heavy shoes to fill the courtesy of its continued support for the switch.

Nintendo Switch is the most popular console in the world, helping with family-friendly games Photo: AFP / TIMOTHY A. CLARY