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Kirby at Nintendo Switch, HAL Labs Redesigned Style - Nert 4. Life

Kirby at Nintendo Switch, HAL Labs Redesigned Style – Nert 4. Life

Kirby Coming up again Nintendo Switch And it will do it in a big way, according to reports HAL Lab Kirby: The Star Alice artwork was recently published in Japan.

We know the development team has new plans for 2021, and Kirby is definitely one Games Is present Processing, With the aim of defining the future of ownership.

“We say this every time, but the studio and I had to go a lot Difficulty Kirby: Star Allies “during development, sports director Shinya Kumasaki said in an interview. Art book.

“Sometimes these plans can be complicated, but Star allies have become a topic that transcends obstacles and provides so much.”

“With ‘Exit We bring these side-scrolling experiences back to the consoles, while at the same time adding cooperative multiplayer for long-awaited fans – another achievement that the team can be proud of. “

“Now, finally, we can move on to the next stage! I experiment every day New ideas, I discuss with my colleagues where to bring the Kirby series. So together we decide what our future holds. “

“This development team is a collection of the best elements of the Kirby series, and we hope you can not wait to find out what’s next.”

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