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Lost Nintendo game released on Steam

Lost Nintendo game released on Steam

Today, on December 1, 2021, sugar dessert will appear Jump & Run Mission in Snowdriftland Of the German Development Committee Tons of bits Via Steam To the computer. In it, we control the Little Snowman Chubby through 24 colorful levels, eventually confronting the evil Penguin L Pix who stole important artifacts from video game history.

Job at Snowdriftland: Playable Advent Calendar

The classic, easy-to-play hopping game is offered and anyone who wants to can enjoy the adventure Calendar of arrival Drama: You open a door every day for the first visit, waiting for one of the stages behind it, and make your way forward. But if you want, you do not have to wait and can cope with all the tasks immediately. Hidden snowflakes at every level provide long-term motivation.

Mission in Snowdriftland: The Last Nintendo Game Released on Steam (3)

Quelle: Tons of bits

Lost Nintendo game

The unusual calendar system of the game is not a coincidence, it goes back to the surprisingly long history of the mission in Snowdriftland. The title first appeared 15 years ago Browser game on behalf of Nintendo, With the official Nintendo Advent calendar attached to it. Game credits from Super Mario, especially from Super Mario World are still clear today!

Many years after the Nintendo move Known YouTuber Nick Robinson He reviewed in detail the wonderful story behind the game and contacted the Frankfurt developers under the joint guidance of the designer. போகச் சரியடின் And programmer Steve Wells The Dio team realized how many more people still have fond memories of the mission in Snowdriftland. So the two decided to give new life to the title.

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Innovations on board

The first kickstart campaign did not reach its goal, but the second time everything went smoothly so Jump & Run could finally celebrate its second debut. Compared to the original, various technical improvements have been made, and you can expect Achievements, A Speedron-timer Of course Gamepad support.

In Mission in Snowdriftland: The Last Nintendo Game Released on Steam (6)

In Mission in Snowdriftland: The Last Nintendo Game Released on Steam (6)

Quelle: Tons of bits

At the time of this news, the game is not over yet Work on the steam side of Snowdriftland Opened, but it should happen in broad daylight today.

Source: Steam is on the side One more thing Demo Available, In which you can try the first three levels of the game for free.

Job at Snowdriftland: The Last Nintendo Game Released on Steam (1) [Quelle: tons of bits]

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