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Mitobia Preview: Nintendo Awkward RPG

Mitobia Preview: Nintendo Awkward RPG

When Mytopia appeared on the 3DS, it was in the evenings of its life cycle. On the other hand, the switch saw daylight and only lasted two months. Probably for this reason, the extraordinary role-playing game Mitobia did not get the fame it deserved, but Nintendo offers a second chance at the title, this time compared to the adventure from 2017 with the Nintendo Switch and new content, of course, the stars in the game are still the self-created incarnations, once upon a time. Entered.

At first they worked as simple, personalized characters at Wee Sports & Co., but later on in the simulation of 3DS, Tomotachi Life, they developed their substantial careers. Mitobia continues this trend towards more mays with an agenda and chooses the good old RPG genre as the basis for all of this.

For good! In Ince, the gang celebrates the successful course of the adventure.

What: Nintendo

Mitopia (Buy Now 49.99 Rs ) Is in turmoil because the evil and evil Lord has stolen the faces of the inhabitants of the imaginary world. What a traitor! Your miss will come to the rescue and you decide as usual that they will look like you.That means you can play with your family or friends’ virtual colleagues or arrange a party with your favorite stars. In our test in our Nintendo magazine N-ZONE for 3DS in 2017, it makes Mitobia so much fun, for example, the Mii version of Johannes took the part of the prince, slipping into the role of the former editor’s chief Wolfgang King.

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The two adventures in Mitobia are not one in the same, as you can always customize your crowd with self-determined surprises and words in Mays, which is always your own hero’s journey. The game does not take itself too seriously, but rather has fun with some installed roll-plays and creates fun and ridiculous scenes over and over again.

Depending on the class (there are more than 12 of them open), Miss Party is attacked by different attacks.  Round fights are very simple.

Depending on the class (there are more than 12 of them open), Miss Party is attacked by different attacks. Round fights are very simple.

What: Nintendo

Especially since you have control over Mays’ personalities, you can turn your stubborn best friend into a stubborn character in the game – then you have to find out that he is not in a fighting mood, simply refuses to work! Relationships between Mays are always worth a laugh, close friendships are formed, or both are always fighting against each other. In addition to the usual RPG utensils your miss plays as wizard or thief, there are fancy classes like the pop star who strikes singing or the chef armed with a frying pan. As strange as the crowd of enemies was, they were all dark lords’ helpers: noses on two legs, hamburgers, goblins and so on.

What is a hero without a horse?

what a beauty!  Of course, you have control over who plays the role of the magical princess.  Yes, that too can be a male mi.

what a beauty! Of course, you have control over who plays the role of the magical princess. Yes, that too can be a male mi.

What: Nintendo

In Switzerland, the heroes of Mitobia are raised by a four-legged friend because now you can even have a horse – which can certainly suit your own taste. Everything from the night-black pony with the mohawk hairstyle to the magical pink hoof bearing is fantastic. We hope there will be additional options for character creation and decoration that are not yet available on the 3DS, and you will gain access to additional design options by scanning the amoeba figures to match.

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If you do not enjoy the sometimes humorous interactions between the characters, what else would you do in Mitobia? You dedicate yourself to a relatively classic roll-flaming dish, at least as far as the game is concerned, because it is clear that the title relies heavily on humor. With a party of up to four selected heroes, you roam the lands of Mitobia to defeat the monsters, leveling them and finally putting down the worst Obermots so that the inhabitants of the kingdom can finally get their faces back. You should not expect a more complex RPG experience, but Mitobia is accessible, so it is suitable for younger players or family evenings.

Simple, good fun

On top of that, there are mini-games (it is not yet known if there will be more in the original 3DS version) and the option to modify comrades and heroes for challenges with different weapons and costumes. You dedicate yourself to maintaining relationships within the characters within your party; Bring the groups together and see how the relationships between the characters develop! The whole thing is presented in a simple look because the game comes from a portable console and it has not been republished. The fact that you do not get any high quality graphics here creates the joy of including friends and family. Try the free demo on Eishap!

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