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Uniuro's "young" marketing |  Flash

Uniuro’s “young” marketing | Flash

The Facebook page De Uniuro has published an unusual post to promote the washing machine. Unlike a classic social ad, this post is written like the hope written by the social media manager of the page to unleash after attending a social media marketing course. Oh, thanks for pressing ‘more’. In fact. What else but “other”. Everything here », reads the post. , Yes, bro, this is me, Uniuro Social Media Manager. Nothing, I haven’t been there these weeks because they sent me to a lesson because I can learn how to cool the community.

Although this is a post posted on Facebook where the average age of users is higher than other social networks like Instagram and Tic Tac Toe, the language is very informal and uses some expressions that young people use a lot. However, the marketing post worked: in one day it collected more than 36 thousand likes, eight thousand shares and almost nine thousand comments.

This is not the first record of its kind published by Uniuro, which launched the campaign Last December 22 With the “speak for itself” offer: In the comments appeared a series of comments written by the authors of the page.

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