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Killer Security: Browser Verweikert Cookie-Dialog

Killer Security: Browser Verweikert Cookie-Dialog

Emotion is history

So – last Sunday they finally erased it from the record, emodet, part of the worst digital pest in recent information technology history. Not long ago he shut down companies and executives encrypting their computers. In January of this year, Europol dug up a gang of cybercriminals behind the emoticons, confiscated their control computers and disabled the malware on their computers. Now the German Federal Criminal Police Office has removed the remnants of the emotid there. Whether BKA is actually allowed to do this is legally controversial. But now he was gone, Emotet. The FBI, meanwhile, has more than 4 million email addresses worldwide Website “I’m scared” To hand over. There you can check if a mail account has been hacked. Emode did this to spread further.

Mining under network enclosures

The fire fox digs the mines, the Mozilla Foundation that created Firefox, and now also provides the VPN service, which is a virtual private network that can be imagined as a tunnel under dangerous Internet. Opposition parties have called on the VPN to undermine China’s major audit firewall. Elsewhere, when watching Austrian films in Germany, they are often used to avoid geo-blocking, although they may not actually be streamed here. Mozilla’s VPN costs – 5 to 10 euros a month. That’s a lot. There are cheaper ones. If you use a commercial antivirus program, it often comes with a VPN – at no extra cost. So there are such and such, but you have to have one.

Fake job ads

And Dadev, who is a Nuremberg service provider for tax consultants Warns about their work ads on the web – Definitely fake. Crooks will call you for a job interview on WhatsApp and then ask you a question. One has to set up a bank account and access it to fraudsters. They want to turn you into a donkey, a money donkey who cheats money from online banking checks. Nowadays, one can easily find fake datav ads. There is talk of a stock company Dadev AG. But it is not an AG, but an EG, a registered cooperative.

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Browser zerbröselt cookie-banner

Version 3.8, Vivaldi will become a cookie crusher, the latest version of the browser for Windows and Android that automatically clicks the cookie banner when you tell him, dialog boxes on websites, which cookies you accept, and why not all of them. In Vivaldi 3.8 You can enable a function in data protection systems that try to suppress whining. Doesn’t always work: Sometimes you can’t read anything anymore, and then you have to allow exception in settings. Is everything still immature? But of course this cookie solvent is worth trying.