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"I have no danger as far as Italy is concerned, it will fall into the Indian Ocean."

“I have no danger as far as Italy is concerned, it will fall into the Indian Ocean.”

“Fragments of the Chinese rocket are likely to fall into the water and end up in the Indian Ocean. Like other Chinese blocks in recent years, with others.” To atenchronos There is Former Italian astronaut and astronomer Umberto Guidoni It has previously participated in two NASA astronauts on the space shuttle. “The probability of hitting someone is equal to 1 in many billions. This has never happened in the history of launches. The only story ever told was when a cow was hit in space,” Guidoni recalled. As for Italy, the former astronaut added, “I have no danger, nothing to fear.”

As for the problem Chinese space missile ‘Lunga Marcia 5B’ returns unrestrained to atmosphere The former Italian astronaut suggests the need to strengthen rules and agreements at the international level, as has happened in the past through the Tiankang-1 robotic orbit module. “We have to reach agreements. China has signed some agreements related to space, but we need others. One of these agreements states that the launcher countries are responsible for the damage caused by their spacecraft. I am nothing. .

According to the former astronaut, “Such a thing should not happen on a normal launch site. The rocket should not stand at a certain height and go into orbit. It is not expected to go into orbit and there is no way for the missile to stay. . “However, for Guidoni,” an increase in the frequency of launches “and an increase in space traffic” necessitated the strengthening of the rules “.

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“It is very unlikely that the Chinese rocket will end up in a populated area,” the former Italian astronaut and astronomer told Adkronos. “The risk is very low, it should not be considered. 70% of the planet is covered in water, so if it does not decompose it is likely to end up in an ocean. Most of the mass will disintegrate as it re-enters the Chinese space missile atmosphere. It is likely to fall into the water,” Guidoni explains. The missile ‘Lunga Marcia 5B’ is estimated to have an uncontrolled return to the atmosphere. Window from 8:30 pm today to 8:30 am tomorrow.