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Loneliness 2 in development at Disney, according to a rumor - Nert 4.Life

Loneliness 2 in development at Disney, according to a rumor – Nert 4.Life

Alien: Isolation2 Is and will be Development In Disney, Although there is no confirmation yet on this matter, this is the latest rumor coming out of the small screen among others.

In fact, I Rights Alien, which was part of the 20th century Fox Cornet, is now part of the Disney universe, which has taken over the company over the past few months. First Alien: Seka’s Isolation precedes this framework, but it seems that Disney wanted to move the development of the new chapter within itself by changing the new ownership.

Alien: Loneliness is a very relevant situation in the hearts of many fans

It seems to be rejected Creative Assembly From the project, Alien with the British team actually made no mention of the continuation of Alien: Isolation: despite the good success of the survival horror in question and the huge fan following that it was able to win.

According to the small screen that reports the story, the information comes from an internal source considered “reliable”, but there is no way to verify this matter at this time. Internally, Alien: Isolation 2 will be alone One of the sequels Currently under consideration at Disney, however it is not clear who will be entrusted to create the projects.

Aliens: FireTeam was recently announced by Gold Iron Studios, but it should not be the only licensed game in Alien Isolation 2 works, although the lack of a creative assembly raises some doubts about the move. In any case, we look forward to any progress on this matter.