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"Key Roles for the Incompetent"

“Key Roles for the Incompetent”

MATERA While the M5S is frustrated with the departure of former Pentastellata Millia Parisi group, accusing the councilor of making a popular and highly secretive “breach of contract” gesture on social media, another torpedo has already begun its address. Benardi Administration. The movement, which hit the target this time, has in fact suffered the most severe punishment since the recent assembly reshuffle.

It was the Volt movement that lost two councilors to the machinations of the “dissidents”, while Aceto and Cardi lost three municipal councilors to Liporio, losing to press officer Madness and internal conflict. Nicoletti only. Since the current new councilors Cotugno and Pistone and councilors Paterino, Visaggi and Di Lecce were originally from the Volt, it must be said that the total exemption of the Volts from the administration is still burning. But following internal animosity, Baderino and his comrades withdrew from the Volt Council, which immediately disintegrated into practice, forming the “Combo Democratico” group, killing former colleagues Acito, Cardi, Folia and Nicolட்டியtti to win strategic positions. In the church and in the departments.

However, the Waltz is no longer there, so they moved on to the counterattack: “The course of administrative action has been recording a series of significant problems in recent months that run the risk of seriously compromising the possibility of implementing the coalition plan.

The main responsibilities of the management have been handed over to the utterly incompetent – Volt added – worrying. Among other notable shortcomings attributed to the Benardi administration, Volt highlighted: “the repression of the sports sector, the absence of a tourism councilor, the filing of a contract for tourism and the distortion of previous guidelines in this regard by urban green areas”.

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Volts is also concerned about “the second thoughts and backwardness of the management machine regarding employee management and bankruptcy proceedings”. So if all of this is a “clear picture of the situation,” Waltz said: “We should not be surprised by the political results of the junta’s reshuffle, which should strengthen the Council’s majority.

Finally, recalling the “responsibility expressed in the case of the last city council”, Volta Matera noted: “This responsibility must not be uncritically adhered to and confused, or indifferent to those who are unwanted and disorganized. Apparently struggles with anxiety.

The movement, which left Modera alone with Councilor Nicoleti, points to all the shortcomings of the old majority allies.