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Key figures and tips for engaging your audience in 2022

Discover Instagram’s key people in France and around the world and find the best practices to follow for effective strategy.

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A complete report containing all the keys to creating and publishing compelling content on Instagram. © HubSpot

In this report, HubSpot and Mention provide us with key statistics, trends and best practices related to engagement on Instagram. The report focuses on Influencer Marketing: Types of Influencers, Influential Brands, Top 50 Most Followed French Accounts … Based on an analysis of 500,000 posts in France and 110 million posts worldwide.

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Instagram personalities in France and around the world

In France and around the world, the most represented age groups on Instagram are 25-34 and 35-44.

Statistics and key data on Instagram in France

  • 24 million users
  • An average of 8.4 hours per month is spent on application
  • 54.2% are women and 45.8% are men
  • Average Involvement Rate: 8.4%
  • Best time to post: 5pm to 10pm.
  • 2 days to get the most reactions: Wednesday and Sunday
  • Posts with 11 or more hashtags get more involved

Key people on Instagram around the world

  • 1.2 billion users
  • An average of 10 hours per month is spent on application
  • 50.8% are women and 49.2% are men
  • Average Involvement Rate: 5.7%

In the report you will find other statistics on the average engagement rate based on the number of characters in your title, the number of emojis or the number of accounts you mention in the post.

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All About Instagram Influencers In France

HubSpot and Mention analyzed 546,524 French accounts. Regarding the distribution of accounts based on the number of subscribers in France, we find that most of them have less than 10,000 followers. Another important statistic: 11% of accounts have 10,000 to 50,000 subscribers: these are micro-influencers.

Distribution of French Instagram accounts by number of subscribers. © HubSpot

Only 0.16% of accounts have more than one million followers: 874 accounts. Among them, many well-known YouTubers: Squeezie, Norman Thavaud and Enjoy Phoenix. The distribution of subscribers in France is very similar compared to other parts of the world. However, globally we note that 7% of accounts have more than 50,000 subscribers and 0.6% have more than 1 million subscribers.

Other interesting points that can be found in the report:

  • The most influential areas in the world: Leading America
  • Country Average Engagement Rate: France is in 9th place
  • Number of posts by French cities: Paris in the first place
  • City average engagement rate: Perpignan in 1st place
Japan is the only country to exceed the 10% commitment rate. © HubSpot

Best practices for engaging your audience on Instagram

Some specific practices stand out after analyzing the most engaging posts. Hubspot and Mention gives you several valuable tips:

  • Tips for creating useful carousels: The carousel format is very impressive in France (this is a post with many photos). Do not hesitate to add the maximum number of photos (up to 10).
  • Tips for a Good Post Title: The best engagement rate is for titles less than 20 characters long. It is a question of creating a short and impactful title of a few words.
  • Keys to a Good Hashtag Strategy: Hashtags represent true visibility for brands. Posts that use more than 11 hashtags get more engagement.
  • Reminder of the dimensions to respect pictures and videos on Instagram: It is important to improve the quality of the images, create a consistent feed, and follow the correct formats.
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To find out all the best practices for getting the best results related to your audience engagement, download the report via the link below.

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