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Kenshi's Impact: Update 1.4: The windmill invitation is coming

Kenshi’s Impact: Update 1.4: The windmill invitation is coming

Jenshi’s impact will soon receive update 1.4. Among other things, there is a new 4-star character.

The impact of the free-playing hit Jens will receive a new update later this month. With version number 1.4, a special celebration awaits you in Montstat, you have already reached the adventure rankings 20 and have completed the search series “Song of the Dragon and Freedom”.

The event is the annual Windflower Festival, which attracts a number of mini-games, including rewards and prizes. Most of these mini-games support both single player and co. Bullseye balloons, floral freefall and Pratt’s ballads each have four levels of difficulty in archery, gliding and ballads. If you participate in the mini-games, in addition to the rewards you will also receive a certain amount of festive tour tickets, which can be purchased at the event store in exchange for items of talent level and two new items. You can exchange the Windflower Festival Memorial Balloon and the Windsong Lair.

In addition, the impact of Update 1.4 Kensington brings with it a number of challenges known as Peculiar Wonderland. If you pass this, you will receive special coupons through which you can receive items for weapons upgrades or the new 4-star bow, Windflower Oat. Finally, a new 4-star character will be introduced with the update: Rosaria. Update 1.4 for Jenshin Impact can be downloaded from March 17th.

Jenshin’s Impact – Version 1.4 “Windbloom Call” Trailer

You can see the news coming from Jenshi’s impact in the “Windblum Invitation” trailer for version 1.4.