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PS5 Twisted: Liquid cooling and design from another world

PS5 Twisted: Liquid cooling and design from another world

We were able to set our vision on the design of the PS5 from day one, with a variety of compliments and reviews rising towards something completely new. Sony branded console. The design of the PlayStation 5 is, in fact, nothing short of unexpected, especially in terms of shapes and color selection developed by Sony. For this reason, many have already tried Imagine the console in different shapes And weird customizations.

This is the situation of two guys who have been sharing interest in custom mods on YouTube for some time. A video was released on a channel called “Modfing Cafe” in which the two boys enjoyed themselves Saddened a PS5. Not only have they tried to completely redesign the design of the console, they now take on more alien meanings in their view, but they have also added a liquid cooling system.

The work done by the two boys is not amazing, as you can see for yourself in the video below. They decided to do a good job of completely replacing their PS5, extracting and reassembling all the separate pieces that make up the console, both external and various internal components. Adding a Liquid cooling systemFinally, it made the console more powerful and quieter.

The end result leaves little doubt that this overall customization is definitely one of the best we have seen since the PS5 launch at the end of November 20th. The design proposed by both men was very specific, and many players did not satisfy its tastes. What do you think instead? Want the original version of the PlayStation 5 or this customization? Tell us with a comment in the section below.

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