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Kaspersky warns against downloading fake Windows 11

Microsoft’s Windows 11 is already subject to pirated versions. Kaspersky warns of the danger of downloading and installing malware or adware on the OS at the same time.

It is not yet available, and installation plans for Windows 11 are still growing. However it can only be accessed in preview mode on the latest Microsoft OS publisher’s official test channel, Windows Insider. Note that these beta versions require a specific hardware configuration with a TMP 2.0 component on the motherboard. Crooks uses Windows 11 Cross to embed malware.

Kaspersky has introduced a warning Among these practices and goals especially the currently circulating 1.75GB file, 86307_ Windows 11 Built 21996.1 x64 + Activator.X. By installing it, the user can infect his computer with malware, but not adware. The security expert reports other installation files, including keyloggers (spying on keystrokes).

Downloading pirated versions of OS or apps is always a security risk. The latest example is Mosaicloader deliberately targeting gamers. So Kaspersky recommends downloading Windows 11 only from official sources, that is to say now through the Windows Insider channel. Aside from security issues, we can add that test versions of Windows 11 are not currently standard. It is actually recommended to install the OS on the VM.

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