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Sensual Kareena with hair in the air

Kareena Casella ‘Download’ Barbara D’Urzo: “I’m Tired”

Author Karina Casella announced her retirement from Barbara D’Urzo’s living room and explained her reasons on Instagram.

Sensual Kareena with hair in the air (Instagram screen shot)

Beautiful TV columnist Karina Casella It will no longer be running programs Barbara d’Urzo. Whip said what happened through his profile Instagram And many fans were speechless. In fact, Kareena was mostly in the characters in Barbarella’s living room, but something has changed inside her.

Every day D’Urzo devotes enough space to light news. From rumors to controversy, Barbarella’s guests entertain mediasets with some of the most intriguing topics. The host presents celebrities in the studio and others over the telecom. There are many people who often go to the living room, including Casella.

Kareena is definitely looking forward to being an columnist with the “O” capital. A dangerous and above all straightforward character, he says things without reducing the words. Her role as a writer was already born in men & women, where that woman stood alone as “Pepperino”. Today, however, Karina decides to change the page, starting with Barbara D’Urzo.

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Carina Casella, which is why she leaves D’Urzo

Karina black and white effect
Kareena in black and white (Instagram screen shot)

During this time of infection, Casella appeared less and less on the small screen. In fact, the columnist had already declared that his absence was dictated by the need to protect his family. However, the woman continued to attend remote stations, but today she wants to stop.

“I’m just getting tired of those clothes and constantly fighting with people.” In his Instagram stories, La Casella insisted that he had nothing against the editor. “I love Barbara so much. She’s a good person to me. She’s always been nice to me. I have never said anything about her personally.”