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Azobo hires a new, undeclared game -

Azobo hires a new, undeclared game –

Assobo Studio Microsoft has long been involved with the flight simulator, the largest simulation game for PC and Xbox. The title gets more regular updates, and the team will definitely support it for a while. At the same time, the studio seems to be doing a job The new project has not yet been announced. In fact, he is looking for two new senior animators. OK though Continuation of a Black Tale Innocence?

Asobo Studio reports that applicants will work in the “AA or AAA” program, and must have “excellent mastery of animation techniques”. “Good knowledge of anatomy”. We do not know what kind of game this is, but considering that we are talking about anatomy we can exclude something related to Microsoft Air Simulator. Chances are, as mentioned, this is a sequel to Blake Tale Innocence.

A Blake Story: Innocence

A Black Tale Innocence sold well over a million copies (As of July 1, 2020), and before sharing such data, publisher Focus Home Interactive defined a business success. If Asobo decides to pursue such an IP it will make perfect sense.

An old rumor wanted to be a sequel to a Black Tale Innocence Coming in 2022 Focus and Asobo had a new game to make sure they worked without mentioning what they were. For now, we do not know more, but hope to get official information soon.

Finally, we would like to point out that Microsoft has no chance of acquiring Azobo Studio: the team with Socert Newgen is strengthening its independence.