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KAO The Kangaroo is back in the physics version of the Nintendo Switch

KAO The Kangaroo is back in the physics version of the Nintendo Switch

Warsaw, Poland, Saint-Owen, France, – February 24, 2022: Tate Multimedia And For games only I am very pleased to express their cooperation on the topic Cao The Kangaroo, Reboot the 3D operating system license. Game 2022 will come in the physics version of the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox One / Series X.

A demo Cao The Kangaroo Currently available on Steam until February 28, 2022 Steam Demo FestYou get a taste of what to expect in the whole game!

About Cao Kangaroo:

Cao The Kangaroo is a fun 3D operating system full of exploration, adventure and mystery! Join Cao, a terrifying fur ball in search of unraveling the secrets surrounding his father’s closet. He will travel through countries with countless dangers, puzzles and enemies. With each detour, he will find a new clue that will bring him a little closer to the secret world of bubbles on the surface.

Key Features:

  • A casual, sturdy and energetic kangaroo that engages in a thrilling adventure, a 3D platform game where you play Cao!
  • Designed to pay homage to old platforms, Cao The Kangaroo is packed with thrilling action, exciting battles and more!
  • Beautiful mysterious worlds waiting for you!
  • Unforgettable characters, good or bad, that enliven the universe!
  • Find his father in a great epic with Cao and learn more about him.
  • Master a pair of magical boxing gloves and discover the truth of their ancient basic powers.
  • Accessible and interesting game that everyone can enjoy!
  • Unique boss wars with specific styles and attacks that test Cao’s abilities!

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