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K-bis LégiFiscal juice

K-bis LégiFiscal juice

K, L, K-bis and L-bis juices

A distinction must be made between K juice and K-biz juice, firstly for professionals performing their operation in their own name (sole proprietorship and EIRL) and secondly for legal persons (SARL, SAS). .SA, etc.).

Lesser known, establishes both L and L-biz.

All of these documents are used by the RCS to record business activities. Craftsmen and other liberal businesses have their own identity card (extract D1 from the Chamber of Crafts Directory for Craftsmen and count the latter as SIREN).

What is the purpose of these documents? ¶

Many administrative procedures require a certificate of registration. However, even though it is not valid, it is often requested that it be less than 3 months. This would particularly justify the regularity of compulsory registration with the company’s RCS in order to prevent confidential work.

This document is confidential and free to request a copy.

Order 55 of the PACTE Act of May 2021 governs the sending of these documents to 55 administrative procedures, and the administration is responsible for verifying the compliance of information from the SIREN number that any professional natural person or legal person must have.

What will we find there? ¶

As with any ID card, K and K-Biz Juices indicate information about the life of the company, namely: its name and acronym, its SIREN number, and its SIRETS if multiple companies. Contact Details The names of the Executive Committee (Manager (s), Chairman, Directors, etc.) and the Auditor.

It also lists the major legal events that took place during its lifetime (creation, deletion, new establishment, etc.).

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How to get K or K-Biz extract?

The clerk of the business court is responsible for paying for these documents, which must be requested online at Three types of reception are possible:

  • 69 Take the site at a cost of 2.69
  • Postal delivery to 0 4.03
  • Electronic sending to 3.37 for (instant)

Company managers can obtain these documents free of charge from a secure online location provided by the National Registrars and Infographic Council. To create an account, the manager can download the K extract from the address (My Digital Identity).

Creating a safe space is very fast. This requires an email address, mobile phone number to send the code via SMS and a scanned ID document (National Identity Card, Passport or Residence Permit).

In addition to downloading K or K-BIS extract, the registration is also valid for affiliation with the court site TribunalDigital.FR so that you can consult or initiate legal proceedings remotely.

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