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Juventus, Stefano Daconi drop Ronaldo and punch Thibala

Juventus, Stefano Daconi drop Ronaldo and punch Thibala

Stefano Daconi Goes against the wave. Former goalkeeper Juventus, Unlike many famous commentators, he would be in favor of a real revolution in Juventus. Daconi, frankly, was not satisfied with the season of the Italian champions, like all fans.

Stefano Daconi So he made names and surnames and made a lot of noise. La Cassetta Dello Sport interviewed, former Juventus European champion did not hide, flatly denies the most representative player of the leading team Andrea Birlow: “Cristiano Ronaldo He’s been very angry lately: in my opinion this behavior is bothering his teammates. He also needs to understand that there is a team. If you want to re-open a cycle, you have to do it without Ronaldo. I will catch up Szczesny I will abandon the Portuguese. “

Not only that, Stefano Daconi He expressed himself Palo Taibala, And at the center of the latest rumors of attending a party at home McKennie During the curfew order, thus violating the resistanceGovt. Perugian chose a specific but boring comparison: “Typhoon? As a second guide Formula 1“.

The same rule Andrea Birlow. Per Stefano Daconi To Juventus The bench will need a different profile: “What if I confirm Birlow? I do not know. In my opinion with young people will need a profile Fabio Capello o Allah Tropatoni“.

Of the possible choices, Dakoni He would also like a close friend Birlow To the bench Juventus: “Same கட்டுசோ Different competition expresses evil ”.

OMNISPORT | 15-04-2021 20:06