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Download 3 secure instant messaging apps

Download 3 secure instant messaging apps

Chat instantly in the instant messaging app while protecting your privacy and personal data! But it also involves selecting a secure messaging system that encrypts and encrypts messages. Archimec tested 3 alternatives to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to download on mobile: Olvid, Signal and Telegram.

Olvit, An email service that does not know your email or phone number

If you do not agree with the new general terms of WhatsApp (Facebook Data Sharing), you will probably return to the French news app Oldev page. This application considers itself to be the most secure competitors, thanks to a model that is different from the most popular competitors. Oldiv does not manage any centralized directory and you are not asked for your phone number or your email.

So it is up to you to add your contacts manually. To do this, the “+” function allows you to display your ID and QR code. The goal is to share this QR code with your friends of your choice (mail, message). The recipient accepts the call by connecting via the link that brings it into use.

On the functional page, the number and weight of links (photos, videos, documents) is unlimited, just like the number of participants in the discussion. This service provides access to audio and video calls (for a fee). Group calls are scheduled for 2021 this year. Messages are managed directly via parameters, for example, their visibility period can be adjusted.

A premium version is available from 4. 4.99 per month, which specifically allows other users to make calls and be compatible with Alvid Web Android, and a group version for பே 3.33 per month for 10 people with the same features of the premium.

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Message-Security-SignalSignal, Non-profit (and non-advertising) use

Signal is one of the messaging apps behind WhatsApp. The application itself is non-profit and makes available directly to its users. It provides a secure and encrypted way to communicate with them so that no one but you can read your messages or calls.

When creating an account, the signal will automatically ask for the phone number. The same policy for adding contacts, the application can optionally add people to your contact card on your phone or via email address. Note that the application does not provide any advertising that compromises the user experience.

User can share limited messages, photos and videos up to 100 MB in weight. The signal sets up audio and video calls in pairs or groups of up to eight people. The operating system also offers a special feature that allows users on Android to move the initial message app from your smartphone to the signal, and configure the default app to receive your messages and others.


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Messenger-Security-TelegraphTelegraph, Free news, book and open source

Telegram is the most downloaded mobile app with nearly 63 million downloads last January. Celebrity site with the same level of signal is free, free and open source (GPLV3 license); It also provides communication in an encrypted manner. Account created by phone number, SMS verification or phone call.

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The application implements some interesting features in terms of security for the users. We can quote deleting messages from the conversation. It is highly commendable that deletions are being made to the accounts of all who participated in the discussion. In the secret sector, the concept of “secret chats” makes it possible to encrypt all the news on a channel, which is accessible only to those who are part of the discussion.

Telegram also offers classic options only in pairs, such as the ability to send photos and videos or make audio and video calls. The app also stands out by allowing you to change WhatsApp conversations on the platform. Available only on iOS, this option makes it easy for WhatsApp users to move to Telegram.


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