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Download Google Chrome (Free) PC, Mac

Download Google Chrome (Free) PC, Mac

Google has hastily released an update to its Chrome browser to cover a major security flaw. Install it without delay to avoid the risk of hacking!

For the third time since the beginning of 2022, Google has hastily released a podcast for its Chrome browser. In fact, as he explains Its official press release, The publisher has detected a significant zero-day flaw (stamped CVS-2022-1364) as a result of a type of glitch in the software’s V8 JavaScript engine, which will allow it to execute arbitrary code – without further details. No need to know more: To avoid hacking or malicious intent you should install version 100.0.4896.127 without delay.

Updating Chrome on desktop and mobile is very easy.

என்றால் If you are using a mobile version of Chrome, connect to the Internet (4G / 5G or Wi-Fi), open the Play Store (on Android) or the App Store (on iOS), search for Chrome in the search engine, or in the app already installed on your device, the button Press Update.

ினால் If you are using the desktop version, open Chrome and click Three small vertical points, In the banner at the top right. In the menu that appears, circle HelpBelow, expand the submenu, and then click About Chromium.

A new tab opens in the active window. Chrome will automatically look for updates. If it finds a new version, it will clearly state it in a message and download it immediately. Click the button To restart Close the browser, apply the update and restart Chrome.

What’s latest in Google Chrome?

Chrome, Google’s flagship web browser, will be available in version 100 starting March 30, 2022. An index vintage for this flagship application, it took advantage of the opportunity to make its logo much smaller. Switching to a three-digit number has raised some concerns about compatibility with some sites, but in practice it appears to have no effect.

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Version 100 fixes thirty security flaws, mainly discovered by independent security researchers, including some minor new features unknown at first glance. Therefore, websites can now revoke their own access permissions when devices (USB or Bluetooth) are no longer needed.

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On the technical side, Chrome 100 introduces a new API – a programming interface designed for developers – dedicated to managing windows space on multiple screens – for example, a secondary screen slideshow with notes displayed on the laptop screen for applications that amplify secondary windows, photo or video Chrome 100 introduces the Digital Products API to support digital purchases directly from the Play Store, in addition to opening financial applications with a multi-window dashboard, opening high-definition medical images (X-ray, MRI, scanner …) on a special screen, etc. Allows you to install additional content from the App Store.

Finally, keep in mind that version 100 of Chrome puts an end to data storage on Android, which reduces the amount of data used when connecting to the mobile network (3G, 4G or 5G) over the Internet, but it has lost interest with date. Now the module is included in phone plans.

Released in early March 2022, the Chrome version comes with 99 new features and enhancements. Among the major changes, notice the arrival of the new icon that appears in the toolbar at the top right during the download: it will be displayed in blue when the download starts and will turn gray when the process is complete. However, this function is disabled by default, while Google makes some changes. In addition, Chrome 99 Manifest V3 introduced a controversial API that could significantly reduce the effectiveness of ad blockers. In fact, these anti-ad extensions can only filter up to a maximum of 30,000 sites, with 100,000 sites currently using Manifest V2. However, the change will be gradual, as existing adblockers will be forced to switch to Manifest V3 from 2023.

For registration, Chrome 97, released in January, fixed some 37 security vulnerabilities. Most important is Chrome’s privacy and security settings. It is now possible to erase all the data stored by a website individually, which was not the case before. In addition, the rendering of web applications installed from the browser has been improved, bringing them closer to the traditional, so-called “native” applications. On the display page, Chrome 97 knows how to support HDR when the screen is compatible, and in the mobile version only it is now possible to define a specific zoom for each sit visit. Finally, a new keyboard API option lets sites know which keyboard keys are being used, which poses serious security and privacy concerns, as pointed out by the Apple and Mozilla Foundation.

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Version 96 of Chrome, released in November 2021, comes with its new features. First, HTTPS is the first feature. Clearly, Chrome 96 prefers the HTTPS protocol (which can be identified by the small padlock on the left side of the address bar) to establish a secure connection when accessing a website, and if it fails, HTTP Mode Classic is not automatically secure. Additionally, the desktop version of Chrome 96 (for computers) has better organized and accessible sharing functions. By clicking on the Sharing Center directly to the right of the address bar, you can choose between various actions (copy link, send to devices, create QR code, send, save page under one name) or options for sharing the active tab. On Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. As always, this version fixes bugs and security vulnerabilities (about twenty).

“CCM: Google Chrome Software Presentation”

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What is Google Chrome?

Free, powerful, feature-packed, easy-to-use and scalable with thousands of extensions, Google Chrome is the web browser of today. Also it is constantly improving with monthly updates. Install it to browse without limits!

Note that Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google and based on the open source Chromium project. Google’s primary goal in creating Chrome was to provide Internet users with a new, faster browser that offers many innovations compared to Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer. In addition to performance issues, Google Chrome significantly differentiates itself from its competitors by dedicating a unique process of memory space to each window or new tab to ensure better stability and security.

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Signing in to your Google or Gmail account makes it easy to find your bookmarks and other information on different devices. Thanks to your profile, you can fully customize Google Chrome so that you can see it in the same condition in which you last used it when you signed in.

Download Google Chrome for Windows 64 Bit

The latest version of Google Chrome for 64-bit Windows released on 06/24/2016 is version 97.0.4692.71.
This version is compatible with PCs: Windows 8, Windows 10.

Download Google Chrome for Windows 64 Bit
(Freeware – 79.7 MB)

File Name: standalonesetup64-95.0.4638.69.exe

Download Google Chrome for Windows 32 Bit

The latest version of Google Chrome for 32-bit Windows, released on 03/03/2022, is 100.0.4896.75.
This version is compatible with PCs: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.

Download Google Chrome for Windows 32 Bit
(Freeware – 79.4 MB)

File Name: standalonesetup.exe, standalonesetup-100.0.4896.75.exe

Download Google Chrome for Windows Portable

The latest version of Google Chrome for Windows Portable released on 06/24/2016 is version 93.0.4577.63.
This version is compatible with PCs: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.

Download Google Chrome for Windows Portable
(Freeware – 1.4 MB)

File Name: GoogleChromePortable_93.0.4577.63_online.paf.exe

Download Google Chrome for MacOS

The latest version of Google Chrome for MacOS is version 97.0.4692.71.
This version is compatible with the settings: macOS Classic.

Download Google Chrome for MacOS
(Freeware – 106.6 MB)

File Names: googlechrome.dmg, googlechrome-97.0.4692.71.dmg

Download Google Chrome for Android

The latest version of Google Chrome for Android is version 90.
This version is compatible with computers: Android.

Download Google Chrome for Android

Download Google Chrome for iOS

The latest version of Google Chrome for iOS is version 83.
This version is compatible with settings: iPhone, iPad.

Download Google Chrome for iOS